An Ode to Dennis Bergkamp



Oh Dennis Bergkamp,
I loved you when I was a boy.
No not in that way Dennis,
Don’t make me go all coy.

With a football at your feet,
You were like a magician.
Capable of both beauty and joy,
There was no limit to your ambition.

We called you The Iceman,
Because nothing ever fazed you.
Well, except for planes and trains,
Maybe your nickname needs a review?

Oh we missed you Dennis,
On those European nights.
We weren’t the same team,
It just never seemed right.

Yet we could never stay mad at you,
You were just too goddamn good.
Playing the beautiful game,
The way other players wished they could.

Thank you Dennis,
I mean that from the heart.
Because you took a simple football,
And turned it into art.